Purcellville Town Hall reopens for public meetings

Purcellville Town Hall, located at 221 South Nursery Avenue, has reopened its doors for public meetings and started with Mayor Fraser’s State of the Town address on May 4.

Beginning with the May 5, 2021 Budget Work Session, Town Council meetings will resume in person. Meetings will continue to be available via a virtual platform to ensure access to all who are interested.

For those who would like to attend in person, it is important to remember that the Town will continue to adhere to existing guidelines for indoor gatherings. Face masks will be required, and space may be limited. Specific information will be available for each meeting on the Town website.

The Town’s committees, commissions, and boards that wish to meet in person may do so starting in June when the Town Hall opens to the public on a limited basis. More information on the phased Town Hall reopening will be shared soon.

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