Purcellville police reports for the week ending October 16, 2020

10/10/20          3:23 p.m.         Town of Purcellville                Missing Juvenile

A family reported that a 16 year old suffering from emotional distress left home did not return. The investigation indicated that the juvenile was considering self-harm.  Officers and Deputies began a search of likely locales in the area where the missing teen had been known to frequent.  In the early evening, officers received a tip as the possible whereabouts of the teen, who was located and transported to the hospital for evaluation.  

10/11/20          12:15 p.m.       10 Patrick Henry Circle                                 Found Property 

A student turned a found wallet into staff at PHC, who in-turn, called the police.  The responding officer mined social media and located the wallet’s owner, who reported leaving it on the hood of her car, while gassing her vehicle and driving off without removing it.  Gravity and centrifugal force (thank you Sir Isaac Newton) took over and the wallet was tossed from the car.  The owner was reunited with her wallet, which still contained all of its contents. 

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10/12/20          10:50 p.m.       1000 E. Main Street                                       Hit and Run 

The victim parked his truck in the Giant parking lot at 10:15 a.m. and entered the store. While shopping he heard an announcement over the PA system, requesting the owner of a specific vehicle report to the management office.  As it was his car, he did so and learned that a vehicle described as a Gold Chevrolet Avalanche struck his vehicle and left without proving any contact information. The investigating officer is awaiting access to the store’s security video footage.   Anyone with information about this crash is asked to call Officer Lauren Ritter at 540-338-7422 x 129 

10/12/20          2:32 p.m.         100 Block of Amalfi Court                      Neighborhood Dispute/Loud Dog 

A resident discovered a note in her mail box, written in neat script, in which unknown author, wrote of the distraction that her constantly barking dogs caused to the rest of the neighbors, many who are now teleworking and suggesting that she be a good neighbor and quell the dogs barking lest proper authorities be called.  The responding officer interviewed neighbors, all whom denied being the author of the letter, but all agreeing that the dogs in question were a nuisance.  

10/14/20          9:50 a.m.         W & OD Trail                                                Check on Welfare 

An officer was dispatched to the bike trail near the intersection of Berlin Turnpike and Hirst Road for the report of subjects in a tent.  Upon arrival the officer identified two known subjects, an adult male and adult female, who comprise a couple.  With them was an unknown 13 year old female, who is the cousin of the adult female.   The juvenile was transported to the Police Station until a parent could be located.  The officer spoke to the juvenile’s mother who confirmed that the adult female was in fact the juvenile’s cousin, although she thought that they were staying at the cousin’s residence in Winchester, not in a tent in Purcellville.    The mother responded to the station and took custody of her daughter.  

10/15/20          9:40 a.m.         405 Browning Court                          Destruction of Property

Upon reporting to work, a staff member found that a BB had been shot into window of the north side of the business, sometime between 6:30 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. The projectile was not located and the window was intact with the exception of a spider web crack and a small hole.  The investigation is on-going.

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