Purcellville Planning Commission to hold March 9 joint meeting on building heights

In keeping with the new Comprehensive Plan to preserve Purcellville’s small-town feel and character, the Planning Commission is proposing to amend the Zoning Ordinance so that buildings constructed in the Town’s Historic Downtown / Central Commercial District (C-4 Zoning District) be limited to by-right heights of two stories and 35 feet, as measured from the street front. 

Existing buildings that are taller would not be affected by this change and would be grandfathered in. This would be the second time the Council has lowered the allowable height in this district. The size and scale of development in this area should remain consistent with the existing compact small community and character of this neighborhood, according to overwhelming citizen input for the C-4 District during the recent Town’s Comprehensive Plan Review citizen input process. The vision for this area in the new Comprehensive Plan is for one or two stories.

The amendment would allow buildings to be constructed up to three stories and 45 feet, if a Special Use Permit is first obtained from the Town Council, following public hearings. This change would allow the community to weigh in on a particular proposal, should someone propose something higher than two stories, and this special exception process is opposed by developers who want the heights to remain at three stories.

The Purcellville Planning Commission has scheduled a special meeting on Tuesday, March 9, at 7 p.m. They will hold a joint public hearing with the Purcellville Town Council to receive comments on, consider, and possibly vote on Ordinance 21-02-01, which contains amendments to the Town of Purcellville Zoning Ordinance regarding the following:

  • ZTA21-01 Definition of “Building Height” & ZTA21-02 Building Height Calculations
  • ZTA21-03 C-4 Central Commercial Zoning District – Height Standards
  • ZTA21-04 Destruction of Nonconformities

As of press time, due to COVID_19, on-line participation will be through GoToMeeting, join the meeting at https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/341850645. Or go to the Town website at www.Purcellvilleva.gov, click the Government tab, click on agendas and minutes, and you will find the link to view the March 9 joint meeting.

The Planning Commission encourages citizens to weigh in and you can email them at planningcommission@purcellvilleva.gov with your comments on this issue. 

On March 18, 7 p.m.  there will also be a joint meeting to review the proposed Historic Corridor Overlay District ordinance. 

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