Loudoun County Landfill fees to increase Oct. 18

Fees at the Loudoun County Solid Waste Management Facility are set to increase beginning Monday, Oct. 18, by about 10 percent.

The Board of Supervisors approved the updated fee schedule after a recent financial analysis of facility operations concluded that a fee increase was needed so that the landfill will remain financially sound.

The fee at the gate will increase from $62 per ton to $68 per ton, and the minimum charge per customer for disposal will be raised from $6 to $7. A complete list of landfill fees, including surcharges for specific items including tires, propane tanks and refrigerated appliances is available at loudoun.gov/landfill.

“Fees at the landfill have remained flat since 2012 and we want to make sure that the services we provide at the landfill, which are very popular with the community, continue well into the future,” said Department of General Services Waste Management Division Manager Mike Fairbanks. “The landfill has been serving the residents and businesses of Loudoun County for over 50 years and since 2012, the landfill disposal operations have been 100 percent fee-supported as have the large construction projects that customers may have noticed at the landfill.”

In addition to household waste, the landfill also handles scrap metal, waste paint, tires, many automotive fluids and serves as one of the county’s most popular recycling drop-off centers for collecting bottles, cans, paper and cardboard.

More information about the county’s recycling and waste management programs, including services at the landfill, is available by calling 703-771-5500, or visiting loudoun.gov/wastemanagement.

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