John Beatty announces Congressional candidacy

John Patrick Beatty, a member of the Loudoun County School Board, has announced his candidacy for the 10th District Republican Congressional nomination. Beatty is a graduate of the Virginia Tech College of Engineering and is the Information Technology Director for The Heights School

Beatty was involved in technology startups in the D.C. area before moving into the educational field. He is also an organic farmer who raises chickens and sheep, and grows vegetables and hops on his family’s farm outside of Lovettsville with his wife Katie and their five children. He is a member of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Parish in Purcellville.

In Congress, Beatty has said he will advocate for free market policies and defend First and Second Amendment rights.

He says that it is through free market incentives that we can do more to keep our environment clean, and that he will work to improve agricultural policy and promote more family farms in Virginia, so that farmers can focus more on quality than quantity.

As the Director of Information Technology at The Heights, a member of the Loudoun County School Board, and a resident of a farmstead, Beatty says he understands the necessity for greater rural technology investment. Because of this, Beatty is committed to working to secure broadband access for all in the 10th District.

On the Loudoun County School Board, he has spoken out against promoting Critical Race Theory and has stood up for parental rights.

Regarding health care, Beatty said he would work to return financial fairness to our healthcare system, so that if you like your insurance plan, you really will be able to keep it. To learn more about Beatty and his ideas, go to

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  1. Bob Ohneiser Esq. on May 25, 2021 at 9:30 am

    John, I can certainly understand why you apparently don’t want to be on the Loudoun school board anymore. As one of your constituents and a two term former school board member I was surprised you made no effort to ever return my calls and e-mails offering to explain school board policies and practices soon after you were elected. Failing to learn from those with experience when starting something new is not a positive attribute. Other than party rhetoric (blue to red) what evidence is there you know anything interstate commerce (Point of Rocks Bridge debacle)? What evidence is there you know how to get Dulles Airport put back into Virginia from federal control or know anything about Chinese trawlers devastating the marine life on the east coast of the USA? Do you realize how our federal tax code allows the super rich to avoid taxes through foundations and trusts while regular taxpayers are threatened with hiked rates and fees? Do you understand how the dollar (as the global reserve currency) is being threatened by Congressional directives to the federal reserve or how a change in TIPS could challenge our credit worldwide? Please tell us what you know about DETAILS not political rhetoric.

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