Town of Purcellville July 9 incident reports

07/03/21          11:22 a.m.       800 Block of Kinvarra Place             Harassment  

The complainant has been the recipient of unwanted text messages and work place visits from an ex-boyfriend.

The messages are never threatening in nature but have persisted even after the complainant blocked her ex’s phone number. She was not desirous of prosecution at this time. The investigating officer spoke to the suspect and advised him to stop his activity, lest he face future prosecution.

07/04/21          12:34 a.m.       600 Block of Old Dominion Terrace Domestic Dispute

A father was upset because he discovered that his 20-year-old son was smoking marijuana. He demanded that his son go to drug rehab or leave the household. Choosing the latter option, the son packed a duffel bag and was attempting to leave, but was blocked by his father. As the door was not an option, the son left via the second-floor balcony.

07/04/21          7:23 p.m.         200 Block of Heaton Court                Domestic Dispute 

A man and the mother of his one-year-old baby got into a dispute as he felt she was intoxicated and was trying to drive away with their child. The man had the car keys and refused to give them to her, while she was holding the child. Police arrived, as did the man’s mother, who gained possession of the baby. The baby’s mother agreed to allow the child to stay with the father, but declined an invitation to stay as well, instead opting for an Uber ride to a friend’s home.

07/06/21          10:06 p.m.       100 Purcellville Gateway                   Disorderly Subject

The bartender at Coaches Corner called police after a man tried to buy alcohol for his 18-year-old son. After being denied, he ordered a shot and a drink for himself, and gave the shot to his son. The owner of the restaurant asked the subject to pay his bill and leave. The subject became disorderly, shouting profanities and may have made vague threats to do harm to staff. He left when told that police were called. While staff was not interested in criminal prosecution, they did not want the subject to come back to the restaurant. As such, they completed a trespassing notice. Another officer stopped the subject on Main Street, where he was served with his copy of the trespass notice.

07/07/21          8:29 a.m.         400 Block of Ashleigh Road               Fraud

The complainant reported that between March and May 2021, a contractor took advantage of her mother’s diminishing cognitive abilities and charged her a total of $27,000 for substandard jobs done at her residence. The suspect was identified and the investigation is on-going. 

07/07/21          10:23 a.m.       748 E. Main Street                             Tobacco Law Violations

A woman found three charges on her debit card from the Tobacco Hut that she did not make. She spoke to her 16-year-old son who admitted that he bought tobacco products on three occasions, never once being asked for identification to prove his age.

Readers are reminded that it is illegal for those under 21, with the exception of active-duty military personnel to purchase, possess, or use tobacco products in Virginia.

To report a violation please click on the following link:

07/08/21          4:08 p.m.         105 Purcellville Gateway                   Domestic Assault

A separated couple met in the Harris Teeter parking lot for a scheduled custody exchange of their children and began to argue. At some point, the husband grabbed his wife’s wrists at which point she asked a man in the parking lot to call police. The exchange took place, and the husband and kids left, prior to police arrival. This matter is under investigation.

Officers also responded to the following calls for service:

911 Calls5
Abandoned Vehicle1
Animal Complaint2
Assist Fire/Rescue/Other LE4
Bike Patrol1
Check on the Welfare1
Civil Complaint1
Disabled Vehicle1
Follow-up investigation13
Funeral Escort1
Information Only1
Noise Complaints2
Other Police Complaint1
Parking Violation3
Protective Order1
Reckless Driver Lookout3
Suspicious Incident/Person/Vehicle6
Traffic Complaint/Hazzard4
Unsecured Building1
Vehicle Lockout2
Warrant Service1

In addition, officers also conducted the following:

Building Check33
Directed Patrol155
Foot Patrol18
Traffic Stops58

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