Salad for breakfast

A touch sweet and very flavorful

By Andrea Gaines

New Year’s is the perfect time to both try something new and to get back to old promises.

The new can be trying new foods, and the old promise just might be eating in a more healthful way.

A few years ago, I fell in love with the classic chopped salad. It is typically a savory dish, and not everything in it is all that good for you – eggs, bacon, maybe some sliced cheese, and lots of mayo! – you get the idea.

One morning, having had my version of a healthy chopped salad for dinner the night before, I made myself a Chopped Breakfast Salad. You will probably recognize it as a fancy kind of fruit and nuts oatmeal, with some sweet greens and vegetables thrown in. 

A great way to start the new year and start your mornings with something healthy.

Chopped Breakfast Salad
Make a delicious breakfast salad

Chopped Breakfast Salad


1 cup mix of basil and mint leaves – tossed with a pinch of sugar

¼ cup finely shredded fennel bulb (avoid the core, the leaves, and the stalks)

½ cup of this toasted oats mixture (rolled oats, slivered almonds, shredded or flaked coconut, and sunflower seeds pan-sauteed/toasted in a teaspoon of coconut oil with a tablespoon of maple syrup)

¼ cup of dried cranberries and raisins

¼ cup of shredded carrot (chilled in the dressing overnight)

Dried mint, ginger, and grapeseed oil

A pinch of fine salt and freshly ground pepper for taste (added after the salad is tossed with the dressing)

For the dressing:

Mix almond milk with a dash of sweet vinegar, a tablespoon of grapeseed or a mild oil, a half teaspoon of dried mint and ginger, and the shredded carrots.

Make the dressing ahead, and chill in the refrigerator overnight: Shake well – ‘til frothy – and mix well into your breakfast salad. You can also use your choice of yogurt as a base for the dressing.

Dice any other fruits you have lying around and/or add to your salad any berries you have.


This salad is all about a diversity of ingredients, and the chance to try something new, and/or clean out the fridge!

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