Return Jennifer Wexton to Congress

Dear Editor: 

When I moved from California to Virginia thirty-four years ago, I knew I was moving to a “red state”.  To be honest, it didn’t even factor into my decision because politics in the ’80s wasn’t the blood sport it seems to be today.  Truthfully, I was more of a moderate Democrat – happy to vote for the candidate that made sense to me on issues l cared about – economics, education, environment, land use – if that candidate was a Republican or an Independent, that was fine.   

For over twenty years politics was something I could discuss with friends and debate politely with neighbors.  Then the Republican party started to change – and today, the people and politicians that are running the GOP, seem to have an agenda driven by greed, fear, hatred, and division.   Why, as a nation, would we support an administration that does not seem to truly want to help the American people?  Why would an administration ask us to turn our backs on centuries of science and education?  Why would they continually tell us to be afraid, to be aggressive, to be prejudice?  

Trump holds rallies that seem more like standup comedy routines than political gatherings – he hurls insults, encourages the crowd to taunt and ridicule other Americans, makes decent people the butt of his crude jokes.   Is Trump, and people who support him, the future of the Republican party?  Maybe it is time for more than two political parties in the U.S., but right now I believe we only have one choice in November, to get us back to being the America so many people fought and died for.  

I think we need to choose science, education, decency, kindness, inclusion, hope, and compassion.   For the Virginia 10th District, that means returning Jennifer Wexton to Congress to fight for all of us, as she has done for the past two years.  She has shown that she works for all her constituents – not just the ones that agree with her.  There is a lot more she can do for Virginia, and she will do it with fairness and integrity. 

Kelley Ahern


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