Purcellville police report week of July 16

here is police report

07/16/21          12:04 p.m.       Block of West Holly Lane                              Mental Health Crisis

A female ingested prescription medication and was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Upon being cleared medically, the patient, who indicated signs of depression, was voluntarily evaluated by mental health.

07/16/21          8:21 a.m.         500 Block of Rugby Court                             Domestic Dispute 

A mother and her son had an argument, so the son left the house and went to the local 7Eleven for food and water. Officers located the boy in the 7Eleven and returned him to his house, where the situation was deescalated by police. County services were offered and follow up was conducted to ensure proper resources are available to the family.

07/18/21          7:12 p.m.         100 Block of North 16th Street                                   Runaway

A father called to report that his daughter ran away from home and was currently located in Florida.  Officers contacted the respective jurisdiction in Florida, and the juvenile and her father were reunited.

07/18/21          9:31 a.m.         WT Druhan Jr. Blvd at Yaxley Drive                       DUI

An officer on patrol stopped a vehicle for weaving in the travel lane. Upon approach to the vehicle, he noted an odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from the driver. The drive failed a battery of standardized field sobriety tests and was arrested.

Arrested was: Marc Renkes, 48, of Purcellville

07/19/21          8:18 a.m.         East Main Street and McDaniel Drive                       Found Property

While on patrol, an officer found an unattended backpack with miscellaneous items believed to belong to an Elementary age child. If your child is missing a backpack, please contact the Purcellville Police Department 540-338-7422.

07/19/21          7:30 a.m.         100 Block of North 21st Street                                   Larceny

A complainant called the police after her directional signs that help guide patrons to her establishment were stolen.

This case is under investigation.

07/20/21         3:49 a.m.         200 Block of West Main Street                      Mental Health Call

A man called the police to report a staff member made threats to use a gun, as well as hold a knife to his throat and poison his food. It was quickly determined that the accused staff member was not at work the day this presumably happened.

This case is under investigation.

07/21/21          3:22 p.m.         600 Block of Dominion Terrace                     Larceny 

A female called police to report that mail and an Amazon package were missing from her locked mailbox. There is only one other known person that has a key to this mailbox. 

Case is under investigation.

07/21/21          4:33 p.m.         Drawbridge Way                                            Civil Call 

A concerned parent called the police when their daughter was not dropped off at their house as required by a court order. Concerned for the child’s wellbeing, the parent decided to take other legal means instead of mandating the child’s return.

07/22/21          1:14 a.m.         7Eleven Catoctin Corner                               Curfew Violation 

While on patrol officers observed three juveniles inside the 7Eleven purchasing sodas and chips. After making contact with these individuals, it was determined that no child’s parent was aware they were out at such a late hour. All juveniles were reunited with their parents.

07/22/21          6:22 p.m.         100 Block of North Hatcher Avenue             Grand Larceny                                                                      

A complainant called to report that after hiring a company to conduct Fiber Optics work, they were frauded out of a large sum of money when theywere provided with the wrong bank routing information to make payment to.

This case is still under investigation.

Officers also responded to the following calls for service:

911 Calls6
Abandoned Vehicle0
Animal Complaint3
Assist Fire/Rescue/Other LE2
Bike Patrol0
Check on the Welfare2
Civil Complaint3
Disabled Vehicle2
Follow-up investigation15
Funeral Escort1
Information Only1
Noise Complaints1
Other Police Complaint1
Parking Violation1
Protective Order1
Reckless Driver Lookout5
Suspicious Incident/Person/Vehicle7
Traffic Complaint/Hazzard2
Unsecured Building0
Vehicle Lockout0
Warrant Service0

In addition, officers also conducted the following:

Building Check47
Directed Patrol154
Foot Patrol15
Traffic Stops25
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