Purcellville police report Nov. 19

11/12/21          2:56 p.m.         761 E. Main Street                             Assault

A woman was assaulted by her current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. The incident took place in the parking lot. The suspect fled in her vehicle. The victim, who did not suffer any serious injury, did not wish to press charges, as her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend share custody of a child and she was worried about potential ramifications to that relationship. 

11/13/21          10:39 p.m.       1000 E. Main Street                           Suspicious Incident

A loss prevention agent reported that a subject appeared to have taken a beer and concealed it, walking out of the store without paying for it. Unfortunately, the store video system only captured a grainy image and the actual theft could not be observed. The agent reported that the same subject was observed on two prior occasions doing the same thing. One was captured clearly on camera. Other officers checked the area, but did not locate the suspect.

11/13/21          6:32 p.m.         100 Block of Willie Palmer Way        Welfare Check

A staff member of the Town of Purcellville Finance Department called because she was concerned about the welfare of a resident, whose water had been turned off since September, at a residence that had been thought to have been vacant.

This came to light when someone came in to pay the outstanding water bill, and reported that the residence was occupied by an elderly resident. An officer responded and discovered that the resident’s wife died and since her passing, although he has the financial means to pay his bills, he had been unable to access their bank accounts. The officer contacted adult protective services and a meeting took place the same day.

APS will assist the gentlemen with medical appointments and financial matters. Other utilities were made aware of the situation to forestall other service terminations. As he was out of food, the officer purchased enough groceries to last the man until meals on wheels begins delivery on 11/15/21. 

11/13/21          2:49 p.m.         100 Block of Purcellville Gateway     DUI

While responding for a DUI lookout, an officer observed the vehicle in the parking lot at the SunTrust bank. The driver was asleep, but the vehicle was running and in-gear (reverse). The officer secured the vehicle, woke the driver and put him through field sobriety tests that he failed. He was transported the Adult Detention Center, where is breath alcohol level was tested, yielding a result of .11. He was held until sober.

11/13/21          5:22 p.m.         600 Block of Wintergreen Drive        Missing Person                                              

The complainant reported that her husband left home about 3:30 to go to McDonald’s but had yet to come home. She was concerned because he has trouble seeing at night and was worried that he might be lost.  While attempting to locate the man, police received a call about a vehicle driving slowly on A Street. Officers responded and discovered that it was the missing subject. He followed them home and reported that he decided to go grocery shopping and when he came out, it was dark, and he was unable to find his way home.

11/13/21          8:13 p.m.         100 Block of N. 16th Street                 Warrant Service                                            

Officers responded to a residence to serve warrants for a child abuse and neglect case that one of the officers investigated. The subject was stopped while approaching his apartment. During a search incident to arrest, suspected narcotics were recovered. He was transported to the Adult Detention Center, where three Purcellville and four outstanding warrants from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office were served. Additional charges are pending the completion of lab testing of the suspected drugs.

11/13/21          8:42 p.m.         610 W. Main Street                           Assist Rescue                                     

Police were called to assist rescue for an employee that passed out at the 7-Eleven store. Medics found a breathing but unresponsive subject and administered Narcan. The subject was placed in the ambulance and as it was about to leave, the Narcan, revived him. He refused medical transport. He did tell medics that he consumed Percocet, marijuana and vodka before reporting to work. The store was secured and a friend responded and took the patient home.  

11/15/21          12:30 p.m.       200 Block of West Main Street                      Police Information                            

A subject called police to report harassment. The responding officer discovered that subject stopped taking needed medicine approximately one month ago and this is impacting his cognitive abilities. He is not a danger to himself or others. His case workers are aware of the situation. 

11/15/21          2:29 p.m.         700 Block of E Main Street                Found Property                                

Staff at Purcellville Tire and Auto called in reference to a bike that has been on their property since Nov. 13. They called as it appeared that no one was going to retrieve it. The responding officer ran the serial number but the bike had not been reported as missing.

Anyone missing a bike can call the Purcellville Police Department at 540-338-7422 and provide a description and serial number to reclaim their bicycle. An image of the bike was posted on the Purcellville Police Department Facebook page.

11/15/21          8:24 p.m.         100 Block of Kirkbridge Court          Police Information                            

A parent called because she was at wits end with her juvenile teen son over drug and alcohol use and wanted him removed from the residence. Police spoke to the teen who admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the day and drinking alcohol during the past week. The mother was provided with information on how to request assistance from the courts in seeking a Child in Need of Services petition.

11/16/21          5:17 p.m.         100 Block of N. 16th Street                 Welfare Check                                  

Police stood by at the request of a case worker from Child Protective Services, while she interviewed two adults in reference to complaint regarding the safety of their children.

One officer stayed with the case worker during her interviews, while the other officers stayed outside with the party waiting to be interviewed. Based on the interviews no action was taken by the case worker at this time. Follow up interviews are pending.

11/18/21          12:16 p.m.       Town of Purcellville                          Emergency Custody Order   

An Emergency Custody Order was issued for a subject who per protocol was transported to the Loudoun Hospital for medical clearance while mental health workers attempted to locate a bed for him at a mental health facility. Unfortunately, as of 12 p.m. on 11/19/21, no bed space has been located anywhere within the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a result, an officer has been sitting with the patient at the emergency room and will continue to do so until a bed is found, or until a scheduled court date on Monday 11/22/21.

11/18/21          3:39 p.m.         Town of Purcellville                          Mental Health Crisis 

Officers responded to a location in Town at the request of a woman who reported that her fiancé was misusing his anti-anxiety medicine and as such, she was withholding his medicine.

This resulted in him getting angry and breaking items in the house. Unbeknownst to the man, his parents were also in route to stage an intervention. While his behavior did not warrant the issuance of an emergency mental health custody order, the man agreed to voluntarily go to the hospital with his father to seek treatment.

11/18/21          5:00 p.m.         609 E. Main Street                            Larceny

A grandmother and her grandson went to the Dollar Tree, with the youngster on his tri-cycle. They left the bike outside and when they returned it was missing.

Officers checked the shopping center and adjacent residential areas without success. They are awaiting access to the security camera footage and the investigation is on-going.

Officers also responded to the following calls for service:

911 Calls5
Animal Complaint2
Assist Fire/Rescue/Other LE4
Check the Welfare1
Citizen Assist2
Civil Complaint2
Community Policing1
Follow-Up Investigations11
Found Property1
Noise Complaint1
Other Police Complaint4
Reckless Driver Lookout1
Special Duty2
Suspicious Activity5
Traffic Hazard2
Unsecured Building1
Vehicle Lockout1

In addition, officers also conducted the following:

Building Check50
Directed Patrol139
Foot Patrol20
Traffic Stops14
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