Purcellville Police Report, March 26

03/19/21          4:02 p.m.         100 Block of N. 16th Street                               Lost Property

The complainant reported sending an Indian passport to the Indian Embassy via Fed Ex sometime in December 2020.  On January 27, 2021, she was notified by the Indian Embassy that the passport had not arrived. She contacted Fed Ex and according to records it had been delivered.  The Embassy requested a police report.  

03/21/21          5:34 p.m.         On-Line                                                           Fraud

The victim reported that he clicked on a pop-up message purportedly from Microsoft, indicating that his computer was infected. He called a listed number and was told that his infected computer had been breached and someone charged his account for on-line gambling and that he needed to call his bank, and they conveniently had the number. He was directed to go to the Harris Teeter, and remain on the phone during the entire trip. The complainant did not go as it was night, but did received another call the next day. At this point he became concerned and called his son, who told them that this was a scam. The son responded, cleaned the computer and contacted the bank to cancel his parent’s credit card. No charges had been made. The victim placed a fraud alert with the credit bureaus. For information on how to spot a scam tech support message see:


03/22/21          7:50 p.m.         100 Block of N. 16th Street                               Violation of Protective Order

The complainant responded to the Police Station and told police that according to a 3rd party, a man who is subject to a protective order obtained by the complainant was seen in the apartment complex. The complainant did not see the subject herself and she would not provide the witness information to the police for follow up. Officers will make extra patrols in the area.

03/22/21          8:33 p.m.         Berlin Turnpike/Hirst Road                           Lost Property 

Noticing an open door indicator, the complainant exited her vehicle and ran around to the other side to close the open door. At some point, she dropped her key fob. She checked the area but was unable to locate it. Anyone locating the key fob is asked to call 703-777-1021 twenty-four hours a day or drop it off at the Purcellville Police Department, 125 Hirst Road M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

03/22/21          10:59 p.m.       Town of Purcellville                                        Sexual Battery 

The victim, a 12 year old reported that on 3/19/21 between 5 and 6 p.m., a known subject, also 12 years of age was outside speaking to her when he rubbed her chest and mid torso, overtop of her clothing. She told him three times to stop before he complied. This was witnessed by a friend of the victim. Officers contacted detectives from the Sheriff’s office who are specially trained to deal with incidents of this nature. Their investigation is on-going.

03/23/21          4:00 a.m.         100 Block of N. 16th Street                               Missing Vehicle

The complainant reported that a subject whom she initially denied knowing, but later identified as a friend, took her rental car, a Nissan, which she rented from an unknown company. She was reluctant to provide information, did not want to press charges but rather wanted Police to stop Nissan vehicles until her friend was located and told to return the car. Officers declined to execute the complainant’s plan and requested that she call back when she had more information. 

03/24/21          7:52p.m.          100 Block of N. 16th Street                               Possible Wanted Subject

Police received a third party report that a subject who was wanted in Fairfax County might have been in the area of Main Street Apartments. Officers checked the area and did not locate the subject. A check of police report records did not yield any ties to the Purcellville Area for the wanted subject.   

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