Purcellville police report for Feb. 26, 2021

02/19/21          11:38 p.m.       100 Block of N. 16th Street                               Domestic Violence

Officers responded for a reported Domestic Assault and Battery. Officers located the complainant at a nearby shopping center.  She reported that she and her son were assaulted by her intoxicated husband. Based on testimonial evidence, the suspect was arrested and charged with being drunk in public and domestic assault. Additionally, the magistrate issued a protective order. Child Protective Services was notified about the assault on the child. 

02/20/21          2:57 p.m.         300 Block of N. Maple Avenue                        Improper Tags

An officer made a traffic stop for expired tags (2019) and discovered that the license plates did not belong to the vehicle that was stopped and later learned that they came from a vehicle that was listed as being destroyed. The driver of the vehicle was given three summonses for traffic violations and the vehicle was impounded. 

02/21/21          3:16 a.m.         Town of Purcellville                                        Mental Health Crisis 

A teenager ingested an abundance of prescription medicine and was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Upon being cleared medically, the patient, who indicated signs of depression, will be given a mental health evaluation. 

02/21/21          6:36 p.m.         100 Block of N. 21st Street                               Check on the Welfare

A man and his intoxicated date were in Magnolia Restaurant when his date spewed a sting of profanities at a loud volume.  The man paid his bill and left, assisting his date in staying upright. Concerned patrons followed the couple to their vehicle. The concerned parties left, without notifying the police, but later had a change of heart and called. The primary officer called the number used to make the reservation and left a voice mail for the man, who was presumed to be the man at the restaurant previously. With the exception of the woman presumably being drunk in public, no other crime had been committed and as all parties were gone prior to police arrival, no other action was taken. 

02/21/21          7:37 p.m.         37000 Block of Perkins Court                         Domestic Dispute

A mother reported that her teen son was disrespectful and yelling and screaming. Apparently this started when the son went upstairs and removed a cable box that he took to his room. No physical altercation took place. Officers spoke separately with the mother and the son, and determined that neither presented a danger to self or others. An agreement was reached on how to remain calm for the duration of the evening.  No further police intervention was required.  

02/22/21          7:45 p.m.         600 Block of Old Dominion Terrace                Domestic Dispute

Officers responded for a dispute involving a mother and her teenage son. After the son perceived that he was disrespected by his mother, he went into another room and broke a light bulb by squeezing it with his bare hand. He suffered cuts that required medical treatment. Officers spoke with the mother, son and non-custodial father about the incident. Both parents were given information regarding counseling options.  No additional police intervention was required. 

02/25/21          4:37 p.m.         340 Maple Avenue                                          Found Property

A concerned resident found a canvas bag containing various toys at the bus stop across the street from LVHS. The items were collected and taken to the Police Department. The owner may identify and claim the items at the Purcellville Police Department. They can be reached at 540-338-7422.

02/25/21          8:04 p.m.         1030 Wolf Rock Drive                                     Mask Violation

A respectful disagreement developed between a customer, who was not wearing a mask in the store and the clerk who requested that the customer don one. The customer declined citing a medical condition that precluded the wearing of a face covering. As the two could not agree on a resolution, police were called. The ensuing discussion resulted in a greater understanding by all parties of the various executive orders addressing this topic. 

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