Purcellville Police Report Aug. 6

07/31/21          1:45 p.m.         105 Purcellville Gateway Drive         Hit and Run

The victim parked his undamaged vehicle in the parking lot on July 31, 2021 at 12:30 p.m. He returned to the car at 1 p.m. and noticed damage to his rear bumper. It appeared from the shape of the damage that a vehicle with a trailer ball backed into the victimized vehicle. The suspect vehicle was not on the scene, no contact information was left and the incident was not captured on video. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Sergeant Rob Wagner at 540-338-7422 x 106

08/02/21          12:38 a.m.       340 N. Maple Avenue                                     Curfew Violation

Police on patrol observed an occupied vehicle in the parking lot of Loudoun Valley High School. The car was occupied by two juveniles, a 17-year-old and his 15-year-old sister. The 17-year-old reported that he was picking up his sister, who left a sleepover. A call to their mother went unanswered, so officers followed them to Hamilton and spoke in person with the mother. No additional police intervention was required. 

08/03/21          9:10 a.m.         200 Block of W. Main Street              Other Police Complaint                                                                     

A group home resident called police to report that staff were verbally abusive and switching his medicines without his knowledge, in this case, his blood pressure medicine. The officer learned that the complainant had a previously scheduled appointment with his primary care physician at 11 a.m.  He was advised to discuss his concerns with his doctor and was also provided with contact information for Adult Protective Services. No additional police intervention was necessary.

08/04/21          6:26 p.m.         200 Block of Frazer Drive                 Soliciting without a Permit

Acting on a complaint, officers located a solicitor who possessed a Loudoun County but not a town solicitor’s permit. He was advised of the need for the latter and sent on his way, with a warning.

08/04/21          6:37 p.m.         147 W. Main Street                            Passing Counterfeit Bills                                                       

An unknown subject paid for a haircut utilizing a fake $100.00 bill. Upon examination, the officer noted the Turkish word Gecersizdir, which means, non-negotiable, on the corner of the bill. It also had the word copy above the number 100. The shop was busy and no one was certain who may have passed the bill.

08/04/21          6:52 p.m.         400 Block of Heronwood Court         Civil Dispute

In a case where fences do not make good neighbors, police responded for a dispute involving an above ground pool, a fence that extended into a neighbor’s property and potential civil liability. Ultimately, the fence tie-in between two properties was disconnected, the pool was granted grandfather status in the neighborhood and the pool owner was going to consider installing a section of fence at the actual property line and planting buffer plants, upon which he would reach out to his aggrieved neighbor in an effort to mend fences between the two.

08/05/21          1:06 a.m.         601 Yaxley Drive                               Alarm-Unsecured Door

Officers responded for an alarm and found an unsecured door in which the latch had been covered with cloth tape, to prevent it from locking when closed. Officers searched the building and found no one inside. A key holder responded and checked the building, finding nothing amiss. She reported that the door in question was being utilized for youth summer camp activities. 

08/05/21          9:10 a.m.         200 Block of W. Main Street              Other Police Complaint                                                                     

A group home resident called police to report chronic stress and staff harassment. He called in a similar complaint on 8/3/21. While unable to determine his stress level, there was no evidence of staff harassment. No additional police intervention was necessary.

08/05/21          11:36 a.m.       700 Block of W. Main Street              Lost Property                                                            

The complainant reported leaving her phone and various cards at Anthony’s restaurant on Aug. 4, after picking up takeout food. Realizing the phone was gone, she used her app which indicated the phone was pinging near Main and Hatcher. A search of the area did not yield the telephone.

08/05/21          12:18 p.m.       1000 E. Main Street                           Lost Property                                                            

The complainant reported that he lost his Virginia driver’s license. He was unsure of where he last saw it, but checked, without success, several local merchants that he had been in recently. 

08/05/21          6:59 p.m.         125 Hirst Road                                               Civil Dispute                                                              

The complainant reported his estranged wife, with whom he is legally separated from but still shares a residence with, took their children on vacation in North Carolina and reportedly told him that she was not bringing them back. He advised that the pair do not have a custody agreement in place. Officers advised him that this was a civil, not criminal case as both parents had standing with the children and that there was no allegation of abuse or neglect. He indicated that he would seek the advice of counsel.

08/05/21          6:59 p.m.         100 Block of N. 16th Street                 Suspicious Incident                                                                

The complainant received an unexpected package, opened it and discovered two ounces of marijuana and several packages of edibles. In looking at the packing slip, they noticed that the intended recipient lived a few buildings away. Later a woman who was the intended recipient of the package arrived at their apartment and asked about the package. They denied knowledge, due to the content and instead called the police. Officers took possession of the package and responded to the intended recipient’s apartment, but no one answered the door. The investigation is on-going.

Officers also responded to the following calls for service:

911 Calls5
Animal Complaint2
Assist Fire/Rescue/Other LE1
Bike Patrol5
Check on the Welfare4
Civil Complaint1
Community Policing3
Disabled Vehicle2
Domestic Dispute1
Follow-up investigation5
Juvenile Complaint1
Other Police Complaint2
Parking Violation2
Reckless Driver Lookout3
Suspicious Incident/Person/Vehicle2
Traffic Complaint/Hazzard3
Unsecured Building1
Vehicle Lockout1

In addition, officers also conducted the following:

Building Check30
Directed Patrol177
Foot Patrol27
Traffic Stops60

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