Purcellville Police Report April 2

03/26/21            10:00 a.m.         7 Eleven – Catoctin Corner                            Lost Property

The complainant reported losing her wallet while shopping at the Catoctin Corner 7 Eleven.  After reporting this lost property to the police, officers located the wallet in the trash can outside of the store. All contents were still inside the wallet, and subsequently returned to the owner.

03/26/21            12:47 p.m.         Purcellville Police Department                   Mental Health

An individual called the police to report his friend was sending threatening messages that he wanted to end his life. After numerous attempts to contact the individual having a mental health crisis, contact was made but officers were unable to determine their whereabouts.  Through the investigation it was determined this subject was making statements of ending his life because his girlfriend was unfaithful, but had no plan to actually hurt himself or anyone else.

03/27/21            11:06 a.m.         Miles Hawk Terrace                                             Mental Health

Units responded for an individual who was having a mental health crisis and wanting to end their life.  After analyzing all facts it was determined the party involved was in immediate need of mental health treatment and was transported to INOVA hospital emergency room to speak with Mental Health.  After evaluation, they were transported to a State Hospital for further treatment.

03/27/21            9:51 p.m.           400 Block of South Davis Drive                 Domestic Dispute 

Officers responded for a domestic dispute between father and step-son over various topics. No physical evidence was present to determine a predominant aggressor, so both parties were advised how to obtain warrants from the Magistrate.  Parties separated for the night.

03/27/21            1:19 p.m.           700 East Main Street                                             Civil Complaint 

The reporting party advised they tried to put cash on their debit card utilizing the services that the 7Eleven provides. After leaving the store the complainant believed the money was never added to her card, and returned to the store acting in a disorderly manor.  Police were called and determined this was a civil matter. The complainant was served with a no trespass order and is no longer welcome in that store due to the disorderly behavior.

03/27/21            2:10 p.m.           500 Block of Canterbury Circle                              Fraud

The complainant reported receiving several documents in the mail from a local bank advising they had opened up accounts, which they had not. The next day additional documents were received stating a change of address on these same accounts occurred.  The complainant was given information on how to protect her personal identifying information. Case is under investigation.

03/28/21            3:59 p.m.           37000 Block of Eastgate Drive                               Mental Health

Police responded for an individual reported having a gun and wanting to do self-harm.  Upon arrival officers determined no weapon was with the individual and the youth was upset over his girlfriend ending the relationship.  The parents were notified and voluntarily took this individual for a mental health evaluation.

03/28/21            7:15 p.m.           100 Block of Purcellville Gateway Drive Disorderly Conduct

Officers responded for a disorderly male and female in the Purcellville Gateway Shopping Center.  Once on scene, officers made contact with the male as the female had already left the area.  After a brief conversation, and determining no criminal element, the individual was sent on his way.

03/29/21            2:05 a.m.           Woodgrove High School                                         Trespassing

A concerned citizen called the police when they saw two individuals tampering with school buses on the property. After officers arrived on scene and a short foot chase, two juveniles were taken into custody, transported to the police department, and released to their parents. Charges pending.

03/29/21            8:41 p.m.           100 Block of West Main Street                              Disorderly Conduct

Several calls were received for a male who displayed a gun after a verbal argument with other patrons.  Prior to the arrival of officers, the male suspect left the scene heading east. The callers advised they questioned an individual as to whether he needed a service dog in the restaurant, and after some back-and-forth dialog the suspect pulled what appeared to be a handgun from his waste band, slammed it on the table, and made a derogatory comment aloud. As the suspect left the scene another comment was made about shooting someone. After a thorough investigation and consultation by the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, a warrant was obtained for disorderly conducted and served on the suspect the same day.  The weapon was turned over to the Purcellville Police Department and held as evidence.

Arrested: Daniel Cook of Purcellville, VA

03/29/21            1:19 p.m.           700 West Main Street                                           Larceny

A business owner called to report a missing riding helmet from their weekly inventory.  Security cameras are being analyzed to identify a suspect.

Case under investigation.

03/29/21            1:32 p.m.           609 East Main Street                               Destruction of Property

The police were called to the parking lot of the Dollar General for a report of a hit and run.  After close examination it was determined this was not a hit and run rather a willful act to defame the victims personal property. Case under investigation.

3/30/21 1:59 p.m.                        300 Block of East E Street                              Harassment     

A resident reported receiving an unsolicited explicit Facetime from a phone number they did not recognize.  The identity of the individual could not be determined. The public is cautioned on answering numbers they are not familiar with.

03/30/21            7:03 p.m.           1211 Wolf Rock Drive                                          Domestic Dispute         

An officer was flagged down in the parking lot and advised of a domestic disturbance occurring that moment.  Officers responded to Manhattan Pizza and separated the two involved.  Both parties calmed down and went on their way.

04/01/21            2:28 p.m.           700 Pipers Brook Drive                                         Civil Complaint           

A resident sold their vehicle and allowed the new owner to drive to another state with their Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) license plates with the verbal agreement the plates would be mailed back to the complainant after making it to their home.  The license plates were never returned, rather several parking tickets and toll violations have been issued to the selling party. The complainant was advised to notify DMV that vehicle was sold and provide them with the Bill of Sale.

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