Police incident report, April 23

04/17/21          4:26 p.m.         150 Purcellville Gateway                               Domestic Assault

After accusing his girlfriend of texting and being involved in physical relationships with other men, the suspect punched his girlfriend in the face. This assault was witnessed by a friend of the pair as well as a Good Samaritan, who put the victim in her vehicle to keep her safe from further assault. The suspect was arrested and transported to the adult detention center.    

Arrested was Michael Pierce, 31, no fixed address

04/17/21          10:39 p.m.       205 Hirst Road                                               Underage Intoxication

Officers responded to a bonfire at the picnic area of the Chapman DeMary trail. Upon arrival, officers observed a large number of people in vehicles leaving the area. They walked to the picnic area and observed approximately 30 individuals who appeared to be 16-18 years of age. One subject, a 17 year old was intoxicated. She provided her parents contact information but officers were unsuccessful in reaching them. Another attendee at the event indicated that the intoxicated subject was staying at her home. She provided her parents information and her father responded to the scene. He confirmed that the intoxicated subject was staying at his home, in the absence of her parents. He took custody of her and told officers that he would be contacting the parents upon their return to inform them of what happened.

Officers learned that the event was organized over social media and included high school students from across Loudoun County. The subjects fully cleaned the area prior to departing. One backpack containing a car key was left at the scene. It was collected and turned into the police property section.

04/18/21          9:05 p.m.         Town of Purcellville                                       Welfare Check 

The complainant called in reference to the welfare of her boyfriend, who recently completed alcohol rehab but apparently relapsed. He sent her a text message saying that he would die in his car. She called him but received no answer. One of the responding officers called and spoke with him by phone. During a lengthy phone call, he denied suicidal ideations. He said that he left because they had an argument and he felt that it was prudent to get away. Soon after the officer hung up, the subject called the complainant who after the phone conversation felt that the subject was not suicidal. 

04/19/21          11:22 a.m.       100 Block of Ivy Hills Terrace                                  Domestic Dispute

A father and teen daughter got into a dispute over school work and the continued use of a cellphone. The daughter reached out to the school, who requested a check from police. Officers met with both involved parties and several witnesses. Although physical contact took place it was not criminal in nature. The findings were shared with the appropriate agencies. 

04/20/21          6:06 a.m.         1000 E. Main Street                                       Drunk in Public                                                                                              

Police responded to check on the welfare of a subject who had reportedly been laying in a running vehicle for approximately three hours. Officers made contact and found an alive, but intoxicated subject. As the driver was not in a state to safely drive but concerned that he might do so, officers took the subject into custody and transported him to the Adult Detention Center, where he was held until sober.

Arrested was: Harold Ayer, 24, No fixed address

04/20/21          8:34 a.m.         17000 Block of Pickwick Drive                                  Welfare Check

The reporting party told police that her ex-boyfriend is a mental health consumer and has been exhibiting traits and actions that made her fear for her safety, including showing up at her residence late at night and sending harassing texts to her and her family. Officers told her about the protective order process and also completed a no trespass order for the family residence in Town.

04/20/21          6:35 p.m.         170 W. Main Street                                        Information Only

The complainant reported finding that a double pane window had been shattered on the outside of her business. In searching the area, the officer found no indication that the window had been struck by a low velocity projectile such as a BB. However, he did note that a landscape company was cutting the grass using a riding mower, leading to the supposition that a rock was ejected from the grass shoot.  

04/20/21            8:40 a.m.       600 Block of Greysands Lane                                    Domestic Dispute                                                                                          

Two residents overheard their parents making statements that they perceived to be of a threatening nature. As they were both the age of majority, they decided to leave the residence. Police arrived to check on their welfare and both exited the residence with clothing and other necessities. The officer transported the two to the Police Station while they waited for a friend to pick them up.

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