Loudoun offers community water and wastewater project assistance

The Loudoun County Water and Wastewater Program has begun accepting applications for County assistance with community water and wastewater projects since Jan. 1.

The Water and Wastewater Program is designed to support Loudoun County communities experiencing issues with deficient or non-existent water and/or wastewater systems with funding and other resources. Properly functioning water and wastewater systems help to assure a cleaner and healthier community.

Communities that need assistance are encouraged to learn more about the program at loudoun.gov/waterprojects. Applications will be accepted from Jan. 1 through March 31.  

Additional information, including the application for assistance, can be found at loudoun.gov/waterprojects or by contacting Loudoun County Environmental Program Specialist Scott Fincham at 703-771-5520 or Scott.Fincham@loudoun.gov.


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