Keep winning with Trump-Pence

Dear Editor:

Election day is fast approaching, and it will be one of the most impactful in our lifetime.  As a citizen, it is your right to participate in our Democracy and vote for who will represent us in Congress, and lead the nation as President. However, this right also comes with a sacred responsibility.  Your civic duty is to put your personal feelings aside, and vote for the person who will put the nation’s interests first, and do what is needed for our country. 

This decision is too important to be swayed by petty arguments over personality or leadership style. This isn’t high school, and we aren’t voting for Prom King. The decision must be made on who has the most effective policies, and who has shown that they can take action and make things happen to serve our country. President Donald J. Trump has demonstrated that he is not afraid to lead and put America first.

Recovering from the pandemic-induced economic downturn and getting people back to work so they can earn a paycheck and support their families are essential. A vibrant economy is the most important element in keeping our nation safe, strong, and secure. It provides opportunity for every citizen. Who better to make that happen than the experienced New York businessman who knows how business and the economy work in the real world, and who presided over the strongest economy in our nation’s history? He did it before and he has the expertise, passion, love of country, and energy to do it again.

President Donald J. Trump has been very effective in dealing with the bureaucratic morass in Washington. In a recent Gallup poll of registered voters, 56 percent of respondents said that they were better off now than they were four years ago under Biden-Obama. The choice is yours, go backward with a Biden-Harris administration, or keep winning with Trump-Pence. 

Do your duty and focus on the accomplishments of the last four years and reelect Donald J. Trump as the candidate who has proven he will do the best job for you and your neighbors.

Mark Flanagan
Sterling, Virginia


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