Gade is my choice for Senate

Dear Editor:

Voting has started and election day will arrive swiftly. “We the people” are charged to select the civil servant who will represent us in the U.S. Senate.  This is a crucial election, and control of the Senate is at stake. Our choice will clearly reveal the values, and morals of the residents of Virginia. For too many years lawmakers on the Hill have failed to server their constituents, and instead pursued partisan agendas. It is time to make a change.

Daniel Gade has the integrity and commitment that we need to serve Virginians. He understands the meaning of loyalty, duty, selfless service, and personal courage. He and his family have made many sacrifices to defend this great country. His leadership is greatly needed in this time.

We need someone that will work across the aisle with all members of Congress to solve the hard problems.  That is how our government is supposed to function. Unfortunately, Daniel Gade’s opponent, Mark Warner, has been a rubber stamp for super-partisans Pelosi and Schumer.  Warner went along with the corrupt Russia Collusion hoax, the first partisan impeachment in history, and voted against the second round of COVID relief because it did not include a bail out of debt-ridden blue states.  

Daniel Gade will not be partisan, and he will help Virginia and America recover from COVID.  Not only will he ensure our economy gets back on track, but he will ensure it stays there by supporting limited government regulation, secure borders, American energy independence, and bring our pharmaceutical supply chain back from China.  We need to return to the days when “Made in America” means quality and a prosperous America.

Daniel Gade is not a career politician, and is committed to supporting individual liberties and civil rights for all Americans.  As a career soldier, he has worked with, and led people from all walks of life.  He will work to ensure our nation’s children have every chance to succeed, and that starts with safely reopening schools and providing parents and students with every option available. His next priority will be to get employees back to work, and to get small businesses thriving again. Daniel Gade will spur economic growth by keeping taxes low, and he will make health care a top priority. Daniel Gade is the man Virginians need in the Senate.

Ric Terrazas


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