Everyone is a winner!

Congratulations to the four winners of our Best Gift Ever writing contest.

Chloei of Round Hill won first place, Landon of Leesburg and Rilyn from Round Hill tied for second, and Tavian of Hamilton won third place.

A big thanks to our judges – Purcellville Mayor Kwasi Fraser, and Purcellville Vice Mayor Mary Jane Williams.

Said Fraser, “They were all great, and I was touched by the family-focused gifts.” 

“I am impressed that COVID allowed students to think outside the box. All the entries showed love for the families, and making new traditions,” said Williams.

Everyone is a winner … and we mean that.  We so enjoyed reading about the gifts that made you happy, and the gifts that you gave. Again, in our eyes, everyone is a winner.

Here’s a rundown on the gifts highlighted by the winners:  Chloei’s best gift ever was her little brother who was “super cute,” when he was born. “That was a while ago now. He is four, and still a little cute.” Rilyn’s best gift is her family, including her dog, Olive. Landon’s gift was an extra special crane toy set complete with remote control. He loved the movement and he “never had one before.”  And, Tavian’s best ever gift he gave someone was a painting he, along with his siblings, made for his mom. He wrote that she put it in her office, and she smiles at it every day. 

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