Blue Ridge Middle School 7th graders will compete in Virginia technology camp

Three 7th grade students at Blue Ridge Middle School—Sophie Hudziak, Julia Miller, and Liudmila Boyarskaya—have been selected by coding teacher Angela Fraser to compete in a technology camp where they will create a product or service designed to solve real-world problems.  

The elite camp is offered through Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education, the nonprofit CodeVA, and CodeRVA Regional High School. The Blue Ridge team will compete against other teams also proposing an innovative product or service to a panel of judges. 

After initial judging, a select number of teams will have the opportunity to compete in the Conrad Challenge, an international program serving 1,000 schools worldwide. It is a transformative educational experience that brings science and technology studies to life through a student-driven, project-based approach.

Guided by teachers and industry experts, these students will have the chance to apply innovation, science, and technology in solving problems with global impact.

“I am thoroughly impressed by the students’ dedication, work ethic, and commitment to excellence,” said Angela Fraser. “I have no doubt they will do well in this competition.” 

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