Birds, birds, birds

By Andrea Gaines

Robin Hill’s painting of the Australian Ringneck (a large parrot), watercolor and gouache. This quintessential parrot species is mostly green, with an obvious yellow band on the hindneck.

The group known as Artists in Middleburg is hosting a Bird, Birds, Birds juried art exhibit from Saturday, March 13 through Sunday, April 11.  

The show will feature a $200 Anita Baarns Award for Best-in-Show. Baarns is an acclaimed author and artist.

AiM President and Executive Director Sandy Danielson said the organization is extremely excited about the upcoming exhibition. Artist submissions are coming in fast and furiously. Daniels hopes to feature two to three dozen artists, and up to 60 or more individual works of art, along the theme Birds, Birds, Birds. See the AiM’s website for deadlines and other details at The website notes that donations are appreciated.

Juried by internationally-celebrated artist Robin Hill, the show will feature some of the most wonderful avian works of art you will ever see.

Hill, is well-known in Middleburg. His work was heavily influenced by what were known as “walkabouts” in his native country of Australia, and his early experiences as a farmhand. His bird paintings are magnificent, legendary, and both beautifully decorative and scientific in nature. For more information on Hill, see Robin Hill Artist & Naturalist on the web at

Anita Baarns is an award-winning artist and author, also well known for her magnificent Christmas cards. More information on Baarns can be found at

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