Biden, Warner, Wexton, have my trust

Dear Editor:

Before we know it, the future of our nation will be decided. President Trump has officially been running for office since Feb 2017 so, yes, I am exhausted by all the rallies.

I hope that I can contribute to the discourse by endorsing, as a retired library assistant and ordinary voter, Joe Biden, Mark Warner, and Jennifer Wexton.

Joe Biden has demonstrated his honesty and deep knowledge of the issues with his long and successful record of public service. He has grown with each election; as a Congressman, a Senator, and our Vice-President. His previous campaigns for the Presidency give him a unique, broad understanding of the entire nation. He will use those many connections to our benefit in serving as President. He has earned our trust. I know he will work with the world to address climate change. I want a leader who works with the world to solve problems.

Mark Warner has been a Senator who has proven his ability to work with everyone. He is a moderate and his calm demeanor belies his accomplishments in the business world, and in elective office as a popular Governor and stalwart Senator. He has our back on healthcare.

Finally, we come to Jennifer Wexton. She must be the hardest working person in Congress, ever. I voted for her based on her legislative record in Virginia but she has proven to be exciting, determined, and so responsive to constituent needs. She is the best.

There is too much to criticize about Donald Trump, but the most pressing issue is the constant lying. No President can please everyone all of the time, but Trump uses lies, and attacks to intentionally divide our country for his own benefit.  This is un-American, dangerous, and unacceptable.

Joe Biden, Senator Mark Warner, and Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton have my trust and my vote. 

Laura Berish


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