Glad to know the Hamilton Mercantile will remain– You forgot to mention Eva

Dear Editor:

I, like everyone else for miles around, am delighted to know that the Hamilton icon will remain an organic food store, and even enhance and expand its services.  I wish the new owners much success and satisfaction, and want to thank Sue Phillips for taking it over when she did, along with her always so nice helpers. 

I was dismayed, however, that no mention was made of the iconic “Eva” the Swedish personality who was its operator for many years in the 1990s and early 2000s, who singlehandedly held the Natural Mercantile open with such devotion and at great personal sacrifice until her “dream team” as she called them, including Ms. Phillips, took over.  Eva, too, served coffee, inviting customers with a fluttering sign out front, saying COFFEE — albeit it was from two large thermoses and consisted of only regular and decaf. 

Bravo to the new barista and the new owners.  Just don’t change it too much.

Beverly Bunn



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