I see you!

By Andrea Gaines

Have you ever wondered why your car has so much bird droppings by the side mirrors? 

According to Joe Coleman of the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, “cardinals are notorious for pecking at their image in windows and car side mirrors – as they think the reflection is a rival.

“Their hormones are raging, and they will continue to do this until the hormones calm down. Pooping while doing this is also common.”  Piliated woodpeckers, wild turkeys, and other species share this fascinating habit.

They can do it all day, pecking at their image, then coming up for a little rest.

A friend of mine witnessed this phenomenon last month on her own car’s side view mirror.

A beautiful male cardinal was pecking wildly at her passenger car’s side view mirror; flying to the driver’s side mirror – when my friend covered the first one … and then, going after her basement window when both mirrors were covered. Lots of bird debris on the side of her car. 

Funny thing when she parked at the market, she saw several cars with the same bird droppings in the same location as hers.

Spring, you gotta love it.

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