Del. Dave LaRock is in-touch with the district

Dear Editor:

Candidate Paul Siker has been critical of Delegate LaRock’s work, but he never gets around to being specific. From LaRock’s website, I see he worked on these things in the last session but was stopped by the Democrat team Siker wants to join.

Paul Siker, what’s wrong with LaRock proposing limits on Executive Orders, or pushing his being a watchdog on transportation spending, or improving safeguards on state contractors working from home?

Does Paul Siker really think it’s a waste of time to promote election integrity and defend the 2nd Amendment rights, that LaRock works to defend. 

Delegate LaRock has been a champion of closing the gap and bringing good internet service to our rural homes and he’s working to get our state park near Hillsboro opened.

I think that LaRock is in touch with the district and Siker and his criticism is a bunch of hot air.

LaRock is giving rock-solid service.

P.Lindo, Purcellville


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