Purcellville police reports for the week ending December 11, 2020

12/04/20            6:57 p.m.           1000 Main Street                                                   Larceny 

The complainant was shopping on November 23, 2020 and left her iPhone on the counter while checking out. She called the store to see if they had it. They did not and promised to check the store security videos to see if they captured this on film.  Giant Loss Prevention called back to report that they had video of someone picking up the phone.  At this point, the complainant called the police.   The video was unavailable to police at the time the report was made.  The investigation is on-going. 

12/06/20            8:45 a.m.           125 Hirst Road                                                       Check on Welfare 

This morning a homeless man whom officers encountered the previous evening responded to meet with Sergeant Wagner at the Sergeant’s request.  The gentlemen, who was from Texas, was not appropriately, attired or equipped for travels in Northern Virginia and points north.   Sergeant Wagner bought breakfast for the man and spoke with his family and arranged for assistance from local public safety chaplains.  Later in the afternoon, Chaplain Enbright from LCFR arrived at the station with warm clothing, a sleeping bag and tent, in a duffle bag, that fit on the subjects bike, he also provided the man with money and Sergeant Wagner found a motel in Winchester where the subject could stay for two nights, while his family in Texas made further arrangements to provide assistance.  Sergeant Wagner transported the man to the motel.  

12/07/20            2:30 p.m.           200 Block of 21st Street                                          Suspicious Person 

A woman was walking her dog when a man in a vehicle drove past, slowed and complemented her on her appearance.  The woman continued on her way when the would be lothario parked on 23rd Street and made additional comments, which were once again ignored by the complainant.  She continued to the post office and upon leaving, observed the same subject driving by on Hatcher Avenue. This time the driver made not make any comments.  Police were able to identify the registered owner of the vehicle. A record was made, but while the driver’s actions were distasteful, and uncouth, they were not illegal.  Officers will monitor the area to see if the subject returns. 

12/08/20            3:34 a.m.           Town of Purcellville                                              Mental Health Crisis 

Police received a call from a mental health worker from a facility in Petersburg, Virginia who was following a former patient on social media and noticed that the patient was threatening suicide.  Officers went to the residence and woke a parent, who when checking on her juvenile child, discovered that the teen had removed a screen from the window, located on the second floor, and was not in the room.  Officers fanned out and found the teen walking a few blocks from the residence.   The teen admitted to having suicidal ideations and as such, was transported to INOVA Loudoun Hospital for both physical and mental evaluations.  After consultation with a mental health counselor, the parent and teen agreed to a voluntary admission to a mental health facility. 

 12/08/20            7:30 a.m.           700 Block of S. 20th Street                                         Injured Animal  

Police responded for a report an injured deer that had been struck by a vehicle.  The responding officer located a grievously injured fawn in the storm water ditch.  The officer humanly euthanized the deer.   

12/08/20            3:34 a.m.           613 E. Main Street                                                 Disorderly Subject 

Police responded for a report that a shopper at Twigs refused staffs’ requests that she wear a mask while shopping, as a staff member was immune compromised.  The woman ignored them and continued to shop. She left prior to police arrival.  

12/08/20            8:40 p.m.           200 Block of Frazer Drive                                         Domestic Dispute 

On 12/07/20 a father and a juvenile teen daughter had a verbal dispute regarding the lack of ambition of her boyfriend.  The upset daughter fled to her basement room and proceeded to slam things around. The father told her to stop and she became upset and tried to leave the house.  The father initially restrained her, and she returned to her room, but eventually climbed out the window and fled to her boyfriend’s home.  Police received an anonymous call on 12/8/20 regarding this incident and responded, as the teen was walking back home accompanied by her boyfriend.   Officers spoke to both family members as well as the teen’s mother, who resides elsewhere.  Father, mother and daughter were comfortable with the daughter remaining at the father’s home.  No further police intervention was required. 

12/0920             1:49 p.m.           12th Street at E. Main Street                              Hit and Run 

The victim was in her vehicle east bound on Main Street, stopped for a pedestrian, when her vehicle was struck from behind by a white pick-up truck.  The striking driver, exited his vehicle, waved the other driver off of the road and got back into his truck, leaving the scene without providing any information.   A witness followed the truck and described the driver as a black male, driving a white, regular cab pick-up truck with and orange light bar and orange decals on the side.  If there is any damage it is likely on the front end.  If anybody has information regarding this incident, they are asked to call Acting Corporal David Camp at 540-338-7422, x102.

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