Purcellville gives nod to western Loudoun Aquatic and Recreation Center

At the Dec. 8, 2020 Purcellville Town Council Meeting, the Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of a western Loudoun Aquatic and Recreation Center. The resolution in part states: “Purcellville is committed to partnering with Loudoun County to bring a greatly needed recreation and aquatic center to western Loudoun County; and on December 8, 2020, the Purcellville Town Council discussed, in an open session, and has expressed, by a majority vote, its willingness to extend water and sewer service for the County proposed western Loudoun Recreation and Aquatic Center … Whereas Purcellville is the home to five Loudoun County Schools, including two High Schools with swim teams …”

Mayor Kwasi Fraser believes this is needed for the school’s swim teams, and the community as a whole, and has been pushing for this for several years. In addition, he said the tournaments and events will bring economic value to Purcellville and western Loudoun County. 

When discussing this subject, Fraser has pointed out that having a western Loudoun Aquatic and Recreation Center would bring in needed revenue for the Town’s water and sewer system.

Fraser said that either the Woodgrove site which is over 220 acres, or part of the Purcellville West property, owned by Chuck Kuhn, would be good choices for the Loudoun Aquatic and Recreation Center. He has said that this option would be a great choice for the community, and this type of use would negate the developers’ consistent requests for more high-density residential housing.

In June 2020, Fraser and a former Loudoun Valley High School student, Muka Nyamuhindu, created the western Loudoun Aquatic Center Facebook page. Go to Western Loudoun Aquatic and Recreation Center@WesternLoudounAquaticCenter on Facebook to promote the center.

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