National Days February

Random Acts Of Kindness, Friendship, And Sticky Buns

– By Andrea Gaines

Imagine your reaction to this situation:

You come home after a long day to find a bakery box by your front door with this note: “I know you love cinnamon, butter, and bread … or any combination thereof. Enjoy. Just because. Love you!”

Sunday, Feb. 11 is National Make A Friend Day. But any day, of any month, and any moment is the perfect time to celebrate – in even the most ordinary of ways – the friendships you enjoy. For, isn’t it the everyday moments that reveal the real depth of our relationships?

And, acts of kindness – random acts of kindness, celebrated on Saturday, Feb. 17 – are the things that both nurture friendships and give a spark to new ones. And, they are contagious. So, pay the toll for the driver behind you. Stop by the house of a neighbor you’ve not yet met … with some freshly baked something-or-other. Forgive a debt – big or small. Pass along that book to the first person who says, “I’ve always wanted to read that.” Just give it away.

Psychologists note that friendships and the specific and practical benefits that come with them – including the encouragement to lose weight or quit bad habits such as smoking, the support provided in getting through a major illness, and more – actually increase our life spans, and make us happier.

Back to that bakery box, though.

Wednesday, Feb. 21 is National Sticky Buns Day, celebrating one of the oldest and most traditional of sweets.

We’ve enjoyed sticky buns, or some version of them, since the Middle Ages.

But, this ordinary, everyday treat is as common as it is unique to the kitchen king or queen who makes them.

One recipe calls for a savory version of the sticky bun; a sweet and salty combination of honey, cinnamon, butter, and nuts for the toppings, with one surprising addition – cheese. A nutty or fruity cheese such as gouda is perfect, with one baker making the claim that “adding cheese to your sticky bun recipe … can change your life.”
Another savory recipe calls for adding a sweet-type sausage to the recipe. Goodness gracious. I’ll have to save those recipes for another National Days installment.

For now, flip through the most precious friendships in your recipe book of life, and plan to visit upon them a random act of kindness this month. You’ve got everything to gain … and nothing to lose!

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