Loudoun County Partners with Leesburg To Help Businesses with Adaptive Reuse

The Loudoun County Business Assistance Team has launched a pilot program in partnership with the Town of Leesburg to focus on the issues of permitting, zoning, code enforcement and fire prevention as they relate to businesses within the town.

Subject matter experts with Loudoun County and Leesburg are available to meet with and guide commercial property owners and prospective tenants through the building and zoning permitting process for the use or reuse of commercial buildings within the town of Leesburg. This is often referred to as “adaptive reuse,” or the process of reusing an older site for a new use.

“We want to help people navigate and understand the unique challenges that come with adapting an older building to a modern business use,” said Business Assistance Team Leader Evan Harlow. “Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg are committed to providing commercial property owners and tenants with zoning, permitting and code-related information so that they can make informed business decisions before they sign a lease or purchase a property. We hope to expand the program to include the other incorporated towns in Loudoun.”

Harlow adds that members of BAT are available to meet with commercial property owners and business owners on any topic related to the process of starting or expanding a business in Loudoun.

The Loudoun County Business Assistance Team was formed as part of the Board of Supervisors’ efforts to help existing business owners and those starting their own business. The team is made up of personnel from Loudoun County government departments and the Town of Leesburg who specialize in a particular area of the process, such as permitting, licensing, mapping, zoning and more. Members of BAT participate in cross-training to help provide a seamless and coordinated experience for business customers, regardless of which department the customer contacts first.

More information about BAT and the adaptive reuse process is online at www.loudoun.gov/bat or by contacting Business Assistance Team Leader Evan Harlow by phone at 703-777-0395 or by e-mail at bizassistance@loudoun.gov.

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