Neighbors and lovers of western Loudoun are urging all to stand and fight: There is still time to prevent Greggsville Road’s south side (between Jeb Stuart and North Fork) from being paved.

Supervisor Tony Buffington is the only one who can tell VDOT NOT to pave.

Here’s what you can do: Call, call, call Supervisor Buffington’s office and ask to speak directly to his chief of staff, Shevaun Hochstettler at 571-258-3748. Call the office at 703-777-0210. E-mail, e-mail, e-mail Supervisor Buffington at Make him hear us.

Here are key points to make: Citizens demand a Philomont community meeting with Supervisor Buffington. We feel his office has ignored our emails and calls requesting a meeting. Paving can still be stopped.

In June 2017, 80 percent of the residents of the south side of Greggsville Rd. (largely agricultural properties comprising 250 acres) signed a petition against paving.

Paving destroys the rural landscape – leveling, straightening, grading, taking down trees, increasing erosion and otherwise taking the rustic character out of our rural roads. Save our rural landscape from those who are trying to suburbanize it.

Paving makes roads less safe. Road safety is critical. Speeds will double on the straight, widened and flattened road. Protect your neighbors who live on the road and the many walkers, horse and bicycle riders who enjoy it.

Bit-by-bit paving fragments the rural landscape and promotes traffic speeds inappropriate to western Loudoun’s farms and small villages.
This paving project is unfair. A subdivision resident with a Greggsville address has donated $163,800 to Senator Dick Black, who earmarked state funds to pave Greggsville. Don’t let this kind of political corruption drown out our voices. Send a message that money isn’t all that “talks.”

Save Greggsville Road and Fight Pay for Pave … now.

Madeline Skinner

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  • mm September 8, 2017 1:27 am

    The roads are not safe. Safety is #1. The roads need to be paved to prevent accidents and save lives. Please understand that life is more important than your farm

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