Enhanced Broadband Coming To Purcellville

Vice Mayor Karen Jimmerson and Council Member Nedim Ogelman have been looking into alternative broadband options for the residents and businesses in Purcellville. Both residents and businesses have been asking for enhanced broadband Internet options in the Town.

Jimmerson gave a second update on the activities she and Ogelman have been pursuing, at the June 13 Purcellville Town Council meeting. They have spoken to County communications experts as well as various industry leaders. Said Jimmerson, “Our mantra remains that Purcellville will not be a spectator in the Internet of Things era and broadband economy. We want to be an enabler in it, as the hub of western Loudoun. Our businesses and citizens deserve and need to experience the fastest, most consistent, and most reliable possible access to the Internet.”

The proposed project would be divided into three phases, with Phase 1 starting at Fireman’s Field. The antenna at this location would potentially be tall and skinny, and would look like one of the light poles – set among the existing light poles in this location, so as not to look out of place or invasive. Through this phased approach, the Town is striving to provide the best broadband access to the community – with the least disruption to the small town feel and character.

Jimmerson and Ogelman have been working on strategic locations to avoid antennae placement based solely on functionality. This project would also generate revenue for the Town, much like the one that is on the Town water tower.

Phase II would put a cell tower at the wastewater treatment plant. This cell tower would allow for remote reading of water meters throughout the Town. And this location would benefit citizens on the south side of Town.

Phase III would possibly be near the train station on 21st Street, and could be concealed by a roof on one of the taller buildings. Council Member Kelli Grim said that it’s a positive step for the Town, and it pays for itself.

Jimmerson said that it is only a few years down the road when there will be true competition from the national wireless providers in the broadband arena. “They will be offering broadband speeds that rival the best existing wired speeds available in Town today. Large national wireless carriers have recently announced that they have achieved over 1GB per second in their most recent 5G tests. Even if they only delivered half or a fourth of that speed, it would still be better than most residents and businesses in Purcellville have available to them today,” she said.

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  • NES July 11, 2017 3:44 pm

    When is Phase 1 scheduled to begin?

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