Anzivino New Interim Town Manager in Purcellville

John Anzivino, a former Town Manager of Warrenton who also served as the top Administrator in Caroline and Amelia Counties, has been named the new Interim Town Manager for Purcellville. Anzivino is expected to serve for a period of approximately three months, assisting the Town in its search for a new permanent Town Manager, while helping to oversee a series of investigations into the conduct of Police Chief Cynthia McAlister and others.

In the years after leaving his position in Warrenton, Anzivino joined Springsted, Inc. as a Senior Vice President. Springsted later helped the Town of Warrenton recruit the successor to another long-term Town Manager.

No novice when it comes to navigating the sometimes-tricky twists and turns of local government, Anzivino, in a recent interview, was very matter of fact in terms of what he had been hired to do in Purcellville. “As a former Town Manager,” he said, “I believe it is my responsibility to provide the best professional advice to the Mayor, Council, and staff, relative to daily operations and future direction” of the Town.

With respect to his past experience with local government and how it might affect his work – and his perspective on the situation in Purcellville – Anzivino was equally pragmatic. “Every situation in every community is different,” he said. “The Town Council has employed a highly-competent legal advisor to handle the investigation[s]. My expertise is in building sound management and operational practices, and in staff development. I believe my experience in these areas will be beneficial both to the governing body and staff, in continuing to serve the citizens of Purcellville.”

Anzivino continued: “All communities experience challenges of some type, and change is the only constant in life. How communities address their challenges and change is key. Purcellville’s governing body has a high level of energy and ideas, and is working hard to realize the adopted vision and mission statement, core values, and strategic initiatives that have been adopted by the Town.” 

On the job less than a month, much of which has included the busy holiday season, Anzivino gave the Town pretty good marks for how it has reacted to events so far, noting, specifically, that elected officials are diligent and connected with the public. When asked to share a bit on the topic of “How’s it going?” Anzivino was brief – and measured – but fairly positive. “It’s going well,” he said. “Purcellville has engaged elected officials, and a dedicated and hard-working staff that want to provide a high level of service to Town residents.”

As for his personal approach in helping the Town find a permanent Town Manager and get through the situation it faces, Anzivino wanted the people of Purcellville to know this: “I will do my best to ensure things are done correctly, in the right manner, and a timely fashion.”

“As Purcellville is temporarily my assignment, I put the same effort into serving as Interim Manager as I have done in my former positions.”

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