07/13/2017 – 7:52a.m. 100 Blk. W. Main St. Burglary
A business was burglarized during the nighttime hours. The suspect(s) entered by breaking a window and removed cash and merchandise. The incident was turned over to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations for follow-up.

07/13/2017 – 08:07p.m. 300 Blk. “D” St. Identity Theft
The complainant reported that his personal information had apparently been compromised and credit card accounts were opened in his name without his authorization. The incident is under investigation.

07/15/2017 – 07:00p.m. 200 Blk. N. 21th St. Larceny
The complaint was sitting at a bench on the W&OD trail near the train station. She inadvertently left her cell phone on the bench and walked away. When she went to retrieve her i-phone it was no longer there. She asked people in the area if they saw anyone take the phone, but had no success. The officer also checked the area and questioned people in the area, also with no success of developing any leads.

07/16/17 – 100 Blk. Purcellville Gateway Dr. Alcohol Violation
While on patrol a police officer answered the call of a suspicious vehicle occupied by four young adults in the Gateway shopping center parking lot. It was determined that they were in possession of alcohol and one was under the legal age to possess it. 20 year old Andrew Cordani of Hamilton was charged with under age possession of alcohol.

07/16/2017 – 11:30p.m. 100 Blk. N. 16th St. Drunk in Public
During the investigation of a domestic situation Mr. Jesse Dent, a 42 year old male of Warrenton Virginia, was arrested for being drunk in public. He was transported to the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center and held.

07/16/2017 – 02:59p.m. 600 Blk. Dominion Terrace Domestic Dispute
Police called to the scene of a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. No assault(s) took place and both parties had calmed down prior to police leaving the scene.

07/17/2017 – 05:24p.m. 600 Blk. W. Main St. Disorderly Conduct
Police were called to the scene of a business where a customer had been acting disorderly. The subject was asked multiple times to leave. He would temporarily comply only to return again. Police were called to the scene, and upon their arrival the subject had left.

07/19/2017 – 08:11a.m. 300 Blk. Loudoun Valley Dr. Larceny from Auto
Police responded for a report of a larceny from a vehicle. The owner stated when he went to his car, he noticed items from the console were strewn about the vehicle. There was no sign of forced entry to the vehicle, and approximately $10. Of loose change was taken. It is believed this occurred during the night time hours between July 18th and 19th.

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