Loudoun County Accepting Applications For Workforce Housing Units

Loudoun County continues to accept applications for workforce housing units. The program provides first-time homeownership opportunities to individuals and families, allowing them to purchase units directly from the builder at a lower purchase price.

Applicants are subject to certain income requirements. Regardless of family size, an applicant’s household income must be between $76,050 and $125,003 per year. An applicant’s income cannot exceed Loudoun County’s median household income, which is $125,003.

The workforce housing units were proffered by a developer as part of a rezoning application and are already under construction. A proffer is a voluntary commitment from a landowner or developer to reduce or eliminate the impact of new development on neighboring properties and the County.

For more information about eligibility, program requirements, and the application process, contact Brian Reagan of the Department of Family Services at 571 258-3305 or by email at Brian.Reagan@loudoun.gov.

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