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Former Detective Sues Sheriff, BOS … 
Law enforcement officer Mark McCaffrey has filed a four-count civil complaint in the Circuit Court for his 2015 dismissal by Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman. The complaint alleges that Chapman failed to reappoint McCaffrey “on the sole basis” that McCaffrey supported a rival candidate for Sheriff during the 2015 election. The suit names the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and the County along with Chapman, claiming these parties share responsibility with Chapman as a “local constitutional officer.” McCaffrey seeks $3.5 in compensatory damages from all parties, $2.5 million in punitive damages from Chapman and $350,000 for state constitutional violations.

Round Hill Expansion Plan … The Town of Round Hill is holding a series of public information meetings on a Boundary Line Adjustment proposal. Round Hill is currently comprised of 236 households. The proposal would impact 1,290+ additional households and properties located in Joint Land Management Areas outside of Town limits, including public facilities such as the Round Hill Center, the Western Loudoun Sheriff’s Station, the site of the future Round Hill Volunteer Fire Department and two future Town parks. Details can be found at

Short Hill – Tunnels Under Hillsboro? … It is a little over one year since AT&T withdrew its application to build a 3.5-acre facility atop Short Hill Mountain. An ongoing FOIA blackout, and repeated nothing-to-see-here statements from AT&T and the County have kept citizens in the dark about the status of the project, including whether underground work – now hidden from view literally and figuratively – relates to the establishment of a data center. Citizens remain concerned that SPAM-2016-0067, now being characterized as work on a “telephone switching station” will ultimately be approved, and could include just about anything, including “tunnels under Hillsboro,” taking the issue out of the public purview, entirely.

New Envision Loudoun Summaries Available Mid-August … The County has targeted August 14 to release to the Stakeholder Committee summaries of the most recent public comments taken as part of the Envision Loudoun process. The public input sessions were held in June and July of this year, supplemented by online comments. The Stakeholder Committee meets twice per month, with upcoming meetings scheduled for August 14, August 15, September 11 and September 25. Detailed schedules and agendas for Envision Loudoun, including Stakeholder Meetings can be found at and

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